Our Services

Investment Management

We have a qualified team of professionals who keep close eye on investment opportunities including, but not limited to, investment in listed and unlisted securities, distressed companies, private equity, shari’ah compliant fixed income market, real estate commercial and retail projects to maximize shareholders’/investors’ wealth by taking diversified approach and proper risk management.

Pak-Qatar Investment (Private) Limited (PQIL) also provides financing to Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) in Pakistan to help in improving this untapped sector by providing capital through Islamic mode of financing or through equity financing.


The most important cause of business stagnation or failure is the lack of planning by many business owners or management teams. Whether planning a start-up business, seeking new or additional capital, searching for new markets or key employees or desiring a greater share of the market for existing products and services, a solid up-to-date business plan is essential to ensure a successful effort.

We facilitate our shareholders/investors in taking decisions in new businesses by helping them in preparing business models and doing feasibility study to give them clear, unbiased information and explanations that facilitate them in their decision making process.

We also facilitate them in investment in any unlisted company by doing proper research on the investee company, analyzing their operational & structural performance, undertaking due diligence, assessment of structure, evaluation of staffs, identification of projects, and opportunity of new projects in that sector.

Real Estate

Our real estate experts combine financial management and performance management with specific tax and legal expertise. We provide interdisciplinary consultancy services covering the full life cycle of real estate investment.

As the real estate market becomes more complex and global, the question is: how can you build a solid basis for successful decision-making? Our answer: with a partner who offers you all the services needed from one single source.

In every phase of the real estate and property cycle we, at PQIL, are committed to offer you the best services, helping to achieve the investment objectives.


Depending on the consultancy project, we have a team of auditors, tax advisors, legal experts, valuation experts, financial advisors, investments & risk-mitigation solutions, management & human resources consultants, infrastructure and technology experts etc.

We believe in an integrative approach utilizing the knowledge of many experts to deliver the appropriately tailored solution, maximizing our clients’ chances of achieving optimum results. Through our network, we provide extensive consultancy services around the world.

IT Solutions

We also provide customized solutions for the customers’ need in the area of Information Technology & Systems. We have a qualified team of IT professionals dedicated to provide the required solutions to its customers in every area.

We take pride in offering our clients solutions that are of the highest standards and of great value. Our focus is to enhance the efficiency of businesses, productivity and reliability so that our clients can compete and grow in current high-tech and high-paced environment.